In the new academic year 2016/2017, the Jacob of Paradies University offers tuition-free 26+ day programmes designed for students over 26 years of age. The programmes are tailored to meet the needs and time constraints of working students, young parents, or people who are unable to take morning classes due to other obligations.

 Anybody who wishes to complete their education will appreciate this innovative solution. The classes will be held 3-4 times a week (eg from Monday through Thursday, after 3.30 pm). The enrolment requirements and deadlines are the same as in the case of the other day programmes. For details see our website at:, CANDIDATES.

The 26+ day programme is a perfect solution for those who want to obtain an undergraduate or graduate degree (licencjat, inżynier,or magister) in one of 13 fields of study:

  • administration,
  • national security,
  • philology,
  • Polish philology,
  • cultural studies,
  • pedagogy,
  • tourism and recreation,
  • economics,
  • finance and accounting,
  • management,
  • computer science,
  • security engineering,
  • mechanical engineering,

The Jacob of Paradies University

(Polish: Akademia im. Jakuba z Paradyża)

ul. Teatralna 25, 66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski, e-mail:, phone: +48 95 721 60 22, fax: +48 95 712 60 23


Our School is open and welcomes students from home and abroad. Founded in 1998, the Jacob of Paradies University has educated more than 12,000 graduates!

Our programmes of studies are regularly updated to meet market demand. Thanks to our close cooperation with the local community and commitment to adjustto the changing needs of employers, we are able to provide flexible higher education according tomarket requirements and help our students to start their careers. This is undoubtedly one of the most important factors that make studying at the Jacob of Paradies University worthwhile.

Our school provides students with comfortable facilities in attractive locations around the city. In 2011, we obtained EU funds to modernise school facilities at Teatralna Street and Fryderyka Chopina Street, and built a modern auditorium seating up to 500 people.

The school is divided into four departments: Department of Administration and National Security, Department of Economics, Department of Humanities, and Department of Technology. The school has about 3,500 undergraduate and graduate students and nearly 300 teaching staff. We offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, a graduate programme in Polish philology as well as undergraduate engineering programmes in computer science, mechanical engineering and security engineering, and other coursesand training. There is a wide range of specific subject areas in each programme.









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